China portable water chiller

China portable water chiller

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Kassel offers a variety of portable water chillers to ensure precise temperature control in industrial production, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

  • Cooling capacity: 2kw~3000kw
  • Cooling method: Air cooled ,water cooled
  • Customised service: explosion-proof, high-precision and other special units can be customised.
  • Origin: China
  • Payment method: TT, LC, etc.

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Portable water chiller description

As a leading manufacturer of portable water chillers, Kassel is dedicated to delivering professional, efficient, and dependable cooling solutions to our customers. Our KSW series portable water chillers find applications in various industries such as chemical, electronics, injection molding, and vacuum coating.
In the vacuum coating industry, we prioritize the use of stainless steel multi-stage pumps to ensure stable pump operation and sufficient pressure output, particularly for vacuum coating machines with thin apertures.
Our pumps are designed to achieve a pressure of approximately 4kg, ensuring optimal cooling water performance during the vacuum coating process, thereby enhancing coating quality and production efficiency.
Furthermore, we employ stainless steel plate heat exchangers and recommend the use of pure water as circulating water to prevent rusty water contamination on coating products. This design not only ensures product quality but also extends equipment lifespan and reduces maintenance costs.
Choosing our portable water chiller unit not only guarantees reliable cooling solutions but also gets access to technical support from our professional team and excellent after-sales service. Whether you operate a large production plant or a small laboratory, we offer customized cooling solutions to help you achieve greater success.

Features of the portable water chiller

Liquid storage tank: Prevents condensate accumulation in the condenser, adjusts refrigerant supply based on evaporator load changes, and improves system energy efficiency.

Overflow holes: usually located at the bottom or side of the tank, used to discharge excess water in the tank beyond the capacity of the excess water; maintain the water level in the tank within a safe range; avoid the overflow of the tank or the potential damage to the equipment.

Liquid level display: Allows operators to monitor water levels in the tank for timely action, such as replenishing cooling water or adjusting chiller operation for normal functionality.

Brass filter: Filters impurities and dirt from the system.

PID/PLC control: Ensures high automation and temperature control accuracy of ±1℃.

Technical Specification

Kassel offers customised products according to customer requirements: cooling capacity, explosion-proof models, high precision, other special requirements, etc.

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