Industrial air cooled chiller for sale

Industrial air cooled chiller for sale

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Explore our high quality KSF industrial air cooled chiller.Suitable for chemical plating, injection moulding and bottle blowing industries.

  • Cooling capacity: 2kw~600kw
  • Compressor type: Screw, Scroll
  • Customised service: explosion-proof, high-precision and other special units can be customised.
  • Origin: China
  • Payment method: TT, LC, etc.

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Industrial air cooled chillers are devices that utilize the principle of the refrigeration cycle, using air circulation and heat transfer to chill water. Due to their heat dissipation principle through air circulation and fan cooling, they can operate independently without relying on an external water source or cooling system. This makes industrial air cooled chillers more portable and flexible, and they can be moved and installed at any time when cooling is needed.KSF industrial air cooled water chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 2kw to 180kw are widely used in laser processing, plastic molding, die-casting molding, welding equipment, electronic equipment, office buildings, shopping malls, and other industrial, and commercial fields, which provide the necessary cooling support for production and life.

Features of the packaged air cooled chiller

●Adopting purple copper condenser coil and aluminum fins: it has the advantages of excellent heat conduction performance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, excellent heat dissipation, energy saving, environmental protection, and stability and reliability, which can improve the overall performance and operation efficiency of an air-cooled chiller.

●Temperature control ranges from 7℃~35℃.

●Use of high-quality solenoid valves and shut-off valves: solenoid valves have good sealing performance and high sensitivity, which can effectively control the flow and distribution of refrigerant between the condenser and the evaporator to achieve the normal operation of the refrigeration cycle; shut-off valves have good sealing performance, pressure-resistant performance, and very low leakage rate. It can accurately adjust the flow of cooling water, to control the cooling effect of the condenser and ensure the stable operation of the refrigeration system.

●The equipment adopts the compressor head imported from Europe and the United States, which has high refrigeration efficiency, low failure rate, and can save 30% energy consumption compared with the common compressor.

●The packaged air cooled chiller is equipped with an air filter, which can effectively prevent dust, particles, and other impurities from entering the interior of the chiller to protect the normal operation of the cooling system and extend the service life of the equipment.

Technical Specification

Kassel offers customised products according to customer requirements: cooling capacity, explosion-proof models, high precision, other special requirements, etc.

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