Oil temperature control units for sale

Oil temperature control units for sale

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Kassel offers oil temperature control units for industrial processes with temp ranges up to 350 °C , heating/cooling powers from 6~150 kW(customizable)

  • Function: Heating ,cooling
  • Type : oil type, water type
  • Customised service: explosion-proof, high-precision and other special units can be customised.
  • Origin: China
  • Payment method: TT, LC, etc.

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Oil temperature control unit description

The oil temperature control unit uses heat transfer oil as its medium. It operates by heating the oil with an electric heater until it reaches the set temperature. Then, it is pumped into the mold through a circulating pump, circulating within the mold channels to transfer heat to the mold surface. Afterward, the heated oil returns to the thermostat's cooling system to be cooled and recycled.
The hot oil temperature control units finds extensive application in magnesium and aluminum die-casting molding, food processing, chemical reaction kettles, and rubber mold temperature control. For instance, in magnesium and aluminum die-casting, maintaining a specific melting temperature is crucial for molding quality and fluidity.
The Oil temperature control unit indirectly regulates alloy temperature by adjusting heat transfer oil temperature within the suitable melting range, thereby reducing molded part defects and enhancing product quality.

Features of the oil temperature control units

Temperature control range: Choose from room temperature to 120℃, 150℃, or 180℃. Customized services are available in Kassel for specific heating range requirements.

Temperature control precision: PID ±1 ℃.

Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 200 ℃, room temperature ~ 300 ℃, room temperature ~ 400 ℃(hot oil temperature control units)

Hot oil bypass pressure relief circuit: When the internal pressure of the system exceeds a certain range, the hot oil bypass pressure relief circuit will open automatically to release the excess heat transfer oil to the external environment,
reducing the internal pressure of the system and ensuring the safe operation of the system.

Applicable industries: chemical reaction, rubber, plastic mold temperature control, building materials, printing, papermaking roller temperature control.

Adopting Speck, Calpeda, and other internationally famous pumps, the pump's head is large, has high energy efficiency, and good stability.

Heater material: copper pipe or stainless steel material optional

Pipeline explosion-proof device: when the pressure inside the pipeline rises abnormally, the explosion-proof device will start automatically to release the excess pressure and reduce the pressure inside the pipeline to avoid explosion, protecting the safety of equipment and personnel.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Kassel offers customised products according to customer requirements: cooling capacity, explosion-proof models, high precision, other special requirements, etc.

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