Cheap water temperature control unit

Cheap water temperature control unit

Short Description:

Kassel KWM water temperature control unit offers high accuracy of ±1℃, heating capacity ranging from 6kw to 48kw (customizable for special requirements).

  • Function: Heating ,cooling
  • Type : oil type, water type
  • Customised service: explosion-proof, high-precision and other special units can be customised.
  • Origin: China
  • Payment method: TT, LC, etc.

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Water temperature control unit description

water temperature control unit utilizes pure water as the heat transfer medium, comprising a closed circulating system with a control panel, heating pipeline, water pump, cylinder, shunt, circulation pipeline, and mounting devices.
Water-type mold temperature controllers regulate mold temperature through circulating water or heat transfer oil, ensuring precise control of production processes, and guaranteeing product quality and efficiency.

Features of the water tcu

Temperature control range: Choose from room temperature to 120℃, 150℃, or 180℃. Customized services are available in Kassel for specific heating range requirements.

Applications: Ideal for the plastic industry, injection molding, PVC film roller heating, optical lenses, and light guide plates.

Blowback function: Clears residual water or oil post-heating by quickly introducing compressed air into the pipeline, enhancing productivity and extending equipment lifespan by preventing corrosion and blockages.

Negative pressure system: Reduces circulating water system pressure, improving safety, especially for heat-demanding equipment intolerant to high pressure.

Return water temperature display table: the return water temperature display table is installed on the control panel of the equipment;
Monitors and displays real-time return water temperature;
helping the staff to detect abnormal situations in the operation of the system in time, such as the temperature being too high or too low.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Kassel offers customised products according to customer requirements: cooling capacity, explosion-proof models, high precision, other special requirements, etc.

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